Lockdown? Looking for Work from Home?

Corona outbreak has crashed everything and created havoc all around. Be it any country or continent, the situation is almost the same. Lockdowns, no jobs, and corona fear have restricted people to their houses.

Work from home Earn corona

Work from home Earn corona

While some people have secured jobs, many have either quitted on their own or circumstances have compelled them to do so. For example, businessmen, factory workers, private company workers and many more are stressed as to how to manage and continue their lifestyle without earning.

Thus, in such a crisis, when several people are fighting to earn their daily bread, they generally get depressed & start panicking. However, this is not a solution. It is better to opt for ‘Work from Home’.

There are ample opportunities where people can devote some time and make an earning. In today’s scenario, jobs are neither limited to offices, nor any particular group of people.

When schools and colleges are all shut down, college-going students too can avail this facility and lend a helping hand to their family.


‘Earn Corona’ is a golden opportunity for each talented individual who has the mindset- ‘Make hay when the sun shines’.

Let’s not take the lockdown period as a curse but in these challenging times, let us come up with new skills and new ideas. Keep ourselves motivated through the tough times, when things seem to come down to a standstill to pass away gradually. In fact, let us pause, think & join Earn Corona and start earning money from home.

How to get started?

Follow the guide and start working from home.

  1. Signup and Create an account on the Earn Corona.
  2. Go to Job Board and select from the available jobs.
  3. Order the Job in the same way as you order anything online.
    1. [ Please remember you do not have to pay anything for applying for the Job. Once you complete the Job Order, you will receive the payment in your account. ]
  4. Once you order the Job, download the attachment and follow the instructions to complete the Job order.
  5. Contact our support or email us for any info regarding the Job order and we shall get back you.



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